Mothering was meant to be blissful, nourishing and magical. I am here to teach you how to make it so. Are you ready to take the leap?

Mothering is raw. It is blissful, excruciating, and confusing… all at once.

Maybe, like me, you yearn to be whole… 

You’ve been a mother for ten days, or for ten years. It’s all you expected it to be…. And so much more.

Maybe no one told you about the despair and the confusion, the irritation and the boredom. Maybe no one told you that there would be so little space left for you. Or that there would be no ‘you’ left to put into that space.

Are you feeling anxious? Frustrated? Are you afraid that you lack what it takes to live gloriously through this most amazing of journeys?

I am here to show you that you do have the courage, and the know-how.

Join me to find out how to live gloriously through this most amazing of journeys.

About me

My name is Véronique. I am a writer, philosopher, life coach, and mother of four. I am here to help you mother and live from a deep place of knowing inside yourself. Join me to learn how to

  • Care for your body, mind and soul right at the heart of the madness
  • Unravel beliefs that get in the way of the mothering experience you crave
  • Claim and embrace your wholeness